New Design Trends for the New Year

Are you interested in the new home design trends for 2019?

One of the new trends mentioned in an article by the Washington Post - is Destination Bathtubs. These aren’t just standard tubs. These luxurious stand-alone bathtubs (with a view) are larger in size and offer a variety of amenities like - a soaking tub, whirlpool, sauna and some even have mood lighting. Destination Bathtubs aren’t just about getting clean, they’re about relaxation and rejuvenation along with having a pleasurable time. These unique Destination Bathtubs are part of a well-appointed master bathroom suite offering a unique serene spa-like experience.

More Information on Destination Bathtubs.

Review the Full List of 2019 Home Design Trends in the Washington Post.

At Edinburgh Custom Homes, we’re continually exploring new trends and researching the latest innovations in the homebuilding and remodeling marketplaces - giving our clientele the finest quality homes. If you’re interested in remodeling your master bathroom suite and adding a Destination Tub or if you’re considering building the “Home of your Dreams” call homebuilder John Gilley today at 214.336.2228 or visit for more information.

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