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At Edinburgh Custom Homes, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients and all the individuals that we’re privileged to partner with - to build the finest quality luxury custom homes. 

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Edinburgh Custom Homes: We Don’t Just Build Homes, We Build Relationships. 

Having our home built by Edinburgh Custom Homes was one of the best decisions we have ever made. First and foremost, John Gilley is a competent builder who builds a quality home. Secondly, he is an organized businessman. His organizational and problem-solving skills are beyond extraordinary. John is a personable, approachable person who relieves the stress of buying and maintaining a new home. The entire process was easy and we highly recommend his homes. The end product was an excellent home that we have thoroughly enjoyed since moving in. The quality construction and attention to detail exceeded our expectations, and I can recommend Edinburgh Custom Homes to anyone looking for a well-built custom home from a professional company. Kudos to Edinburgh Custom Homes.

Andrew Chung M.D.


I contracted John to help build my home and the project was smoother than expected with only very minor surprises, all of which were dealt with expertly by John. He adhered strictly to the budget, and almost all overages were due to choices/changes on my part. He managed the sub-contractors deftly, and only involved me if necessary or at my request. He was always respectful of my ideas and concerns. He was organized and willing to discuss any detail I wanted to address. John was always available in person or by phone, and often at the site when I stopped by unannounced. The build timeline was addressed up front and adhered to, in fact, I moved in earlier than projected. I have and will continue to recommend John to anyone who is interested in building or renovating their home.

Angela Price M.D.


John Gilley at Edinburgh Custom Homes performed our remodel. His approach to project scope and cost was spot on. In addition to our wallet, he had our personal wellbeing at interest, as we lived in the house without a kitchen and down to one bathroom for five months.

Once completed with the inside, we used Edinburgh Custom Homes for an exterior renovation. The best compliment we received was from our neighbors that had looked at the same facade for over 20 years and were WOWED by the transformation.

TA Iadevaia


You have been truly outstanding throughout all aspects of our home construction, purchase and warranty/post-closing process. As you know, we signed a contract to purchase our home during construction. From day one, you have been extremely detailed, careful and thorough; incredibly prompt; fair (looking out for our interests, even to the expense of your company); and unwaveringly pleasant. You are truly a joy to work with. Most importantly, you have built us a beautiful home. John, I would be very happy and honored to recommend you to anyone interested in constructing a home, as they would be extremely fortunate to have you in charge of their home construction.

Jeff Dorrill


John Gilley, owner of Edinburgh Custom Homes, has maintained an exemplary banking relationship with me for over 20 years. A man of integrity, John brings high ethical standards to any transaction in which he is involved. Such a reputation is particularly important when it comes to home ownership and the many details and decisions associated with a new home. John and Edinburgh Custom Homes continue to provide a product that is well constructed and delivered with a consistency that is unparalleled.

Jeb Hughes


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